Procure is a cloud based integrated solution that fundamentally improves the performance of your inventory and supply chain by automating the procurement, inventory control and production aspects of your business.

Cloud computing allows you to work from anywhere that has an internet connection. With Procure in the cloud, your data is automatically backed up every day. You will always have access to the latest updates and features with a cloud system. Ankerdata uses Xneelo, one of the most reliable and powerful server hosting platforms. With Xneelo you can expect your Procure reports to run in seconds and for updates to be almost instantaneous. No need for expensive server hardware on site anymore, Procure in the cloud takes away the headache and cost of managing your own equipment.

Procure provides critical statistical knowledge to buyers, cost controllers, F&B management, key personnel and senior management - ensuring informed decision making on all levels.

Easy-to-use tools accurately measure and optimise inventory levels on a real-time basis. Orders can be created based on latest daily sales consumption, stock holdings and minimum maximum levels.

Orders can be reviewed and authorised by the buyers and automatically e-mailed by procure to the relevant suppliers.